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Welcome to Broadline Capital 



Broadline Capital is a global alternative investment firm focused primarily on providing growth capital and strategic support for category leaders and category creators that are reshaping their industry.  Founded two decades ago by Chris Thorne, the firm has developed a track record of selecting successful companies and leading some of the most creative deals in the history of their categories.


At Broadline, we are  inspired by champions — people of vision and courage — whose ideas can positively change the world, and who are ready to transform their ideas into the next big, industry-changing company. Broadline seeks purpose-driven companies with large addressable markets that represent promising commercial opportunities. We place emphasis on companies positioned to create broad impact as the world continues to transition toward an economy increasingly driven by the pursuit of a more efficient, sustainable, and healthier way of life.  


Broadline's principals have spent their entire careers building trust-based relationships globally. Most of them have previously led successful companies and negotiated quality exits on behalf of themselves and their investors. Broadline's access to domain expertise, pragmatic operating experience, and a vast network of relationships built over many years, combine to enable Broadline to support its portfolio companies. We believe the firm's current opportunities are among the most exciting on the planet.

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 Our Approach 

Broadline's proprietary investment process is designed to stretch alpha at every link of the investment value chain. The investment team seeks diversification by investing across a range of industries, geographies, transaction structures, and market capitalizations. When selecting opportunities, they take a two-pronged approach:

  • First, the investment team starts with a "Top-Down" approach to identify Core Thematic Categories where the combination of strong margins, industry growth, and broad impact are creating an abundance of opportunities targeting Large Addressable Markets.

  • Next, they take a "Bottom-Up" approach to screen for companies that are tracking to become Category Leaders or Category Creators, placing emphasis on companies expecting a near-term liquidity event or valuation milestone, such as an IPO or M&A event.


  Portfolio Highlights  

Areas of Focus

  • Energy & Environment.  Applying creative business models that transform industries and bring the world together to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Pollution.

  • Purpose-driven Technology.  Advancing tools that address unmet needs for increased Efficiencies, Precision, Convenience, Accessibility, and Data Security.

  • Financial Services.  Unlocking value-added digital services that offer Smarter, Faster, and More Accessible financial solutions.

  • Healthy Life.  Advancing novel therapeutic platforms, synthetic biologic innovations, and less-invasive medical devices to improve Patient Outcomes.

  • Food Security.  Upgrading the Food Ecosystem by improving Production Efficiencies, Supply Chain Resilience, Cold Storage Supply Chain, Source Traceability, Ingredient Transparency, and conversion of Food Waste into Biofuel.


We invite you to scroll through case examples below. If you're a Broadline-registered investor, please click on the "Investor Login" tab at the top of this website for management reports from portfolio companies.

Invest Examples

Healthy Life

EndoSphere logo.jpeg


EndoSphere is a clinical-stage medical technology company that has developed a first-in-class, less-invasive device platform to treat metabolic diseases, including one of the world's largest and fastest-growing healthcare categories: Obesity and its co-morbidities including Fatty Liver Disease. EndoSphere's novel "Endo-Metabolic" device platform presents a completely new category, and the first to uniquely focus on the Duodenum (the upper intestinal organ), widely recognized as the body's Metabolic Control Center.  Endosphere's flagship anti-obesity device, called KB-21, is incisionless, reversible and repeatable. In clinical studies, the device has amplified GLP-1 hormone levels and enabled Obese patients to achieve significant Excess Weight Loss (EWL) without the need for riskier treatment alternatives. Unlike restrictive devices and bariatric surgeries, which typically work by reducing the available capacity of the stomach, EndoSphere's devices work at a physiological level by triggering the body to amplify hormonal responses to food intake. Unlike GLP-1 drugs based on synthetic hormones, EndoSphere's device amplifies the body's release of its own hormones. The result: A more natural approach to accelerate satiation, recalibrate brain-gut metabolic feedback loops, and rebalance insulin levels. EndoSphere's proprietary technologies and patented solutions are 100% company-owned (free from any third-party licensing or royalty obligations). EndoSphere's industry recognitions include the "Fierce15" award which annually aims to recognize the world's most promising privately-held medical innovations. For more information, visit

Energy & Environment

Powermers Logo.jpeg

Carbon-Free Lithium-ion and Solid State BatterY CATHODES

          Powermers, Inc. was founded in 2010 and successfully sold to Ares Smart Industries in 2023. The combined company, Powermers Smart Industries, Inc. (PSI), is a holding company focused on reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by transforming Commercial Transportation and Energy Infrastructure globally.

          The acquired Powermers team has continued in a fully-owned subsidiary of PSI based in Columbus, Ohio. This Ohio-based team of Energy Storage innovators and Advanced Materials researchers have created fundamental advancements in lithium-ion and solid state battery cathode technologies. The team has created the world's first (and only) Carbon-Free Lithium-ion and Solid State Battery Cathodes by replacing inactive materials (including the battery's Carbon, Binders and Solvents) with patented nano-scale conductive polymer coatings. Powermers' drop-in technology was tailor-made for efficient adoption by the world's established battery manufacturers. Replacing the battery's inactive deadweight materials with Powermers' safer, higher-performing conductive nano-scale polymers translates to highly differentiated results in both safety and performance.  Powermers' fundamental advancements in cathode technology were independently-tested and validated by multiple university labs and government labs (CERL) around the world, including the Center for Automotive Research at The Ohio State University.  The validated results have been published in industry peer-review publications, including American Chemical Society's Applied Materials & Interfaces. The independently-validated lab results in scaled pouches demonstrated these transition-metal polymers to be a scientific breakthrough -- representing higher catalytic functionality than pure noble-metal catalysts including gold, platinum, and palladium. Our proprietary platform creates 7 advantages for energy storage of the future:

1. Safety: Mitigates Thermal Runaway Risk (the prevailing cause of combustion in high-voltage Lithium-ion batteries).

2. Toxicity: Reduces reliance on costly Toxic Solvents frequently used in battery manufacturing processes.

3. Energy ("How far you can go"):  Expands Active Material Limits by replacing inactive materials with conductive polymers.

4. Power ("How fast you can go"):  No sacrifice of Power is necessary.

5. Cycle Life ("How long your battery lasts"):  No sacrifice of Cycle Life is necessary.

6. Ease of Adoption ("Drop-in Technology"):  Enables rapid acceptance into existing battery manufacturing processes.

7. Cost per KWH:  Reduces Total Cost per KWH by eliminating reliance on costly solvents while enabling increased energy.


For more information, please visit



 Our Team 

Broadline Capital's principals and venture partners have spent their entire careers building trust-based relationships globally. They understand what it takes to align multiple stakeholders toward a shared vision, then develop a clear plan and work together to execute it...because they've done it multiple times.  


Broadline's principals love going back to their roots as entrepreneurs. Most of Broadline's principals are past CEOs and entrepreneurs who created significant value in their prior companies. They excelled in their past careers at top institutions such as McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, General Electric, Apple, Brunswick, Oppenheimer, PwC, Allergan, Pfizer, and Roche.  They trained and taught at the world's leading educational and research institutions. They collectively received 46 academic degrees - including 21 advanced degrees and 11 doctorates.


This combined experience, expertise and network of relationships help contribute to Broadline's current and future companies.  

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"At Broadline Capital, we are inspired by champions – people of vision and courage – whose ideas can positively change the world, and who are working to transform their ideas into the next big, industry-changing company."  If you share our perspective, we invite you to join us." 

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