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Founded in 2005, Broadline Capital is a global alternative investment firm focused primarily on investing in growth capital and impact investments in North America and Asia.  At Broadline, we're inspired by champions — people of vision and courage — whose ideas can positively change the world, and who are ready to transform their ideas into the next big, industry-changing company. 


When evaluating opportunities, we seek category leaders and category creators that are reshaping their industries. We prefer investing in highly-charged sectors where innovation, growth, strong margins, and market fragmentation are yielding abundant opportunities.  We look for investment opportunities by seeking companies that are well-positioned to thrive as the world continues to transition toward an economy increasingly driven by healthy living and the pursuit of a more efficient and sustainable way of life. Successful candidates are typically led by management teams who can benefit from Broadline’s established platform, access to industry expertise, and vast network of relationships built over many years.

Broadline’s transaction leaders have spent their entire careers building trust-based relationships globally. They have led some of the most creative deals in the history of their market categories. Their collective experience and relationships help assure that Broadline-sponsored companies have access to expertise and resources to develop to the next level. We believe Broadline’s current investing opportunities are among the most exciting on the planet.  - Learn why -


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 Our Approach 

Broadline's proprietary investment process is designed to stretch alpha at every link of the investment value chain — from origination and evaluation to mitigation structuring, execution, governance oversight, and exit negotiation. Our past investment success stems from our multi-channel sourcing and disciplined approach to investment selection:


  • First, we start with a Top-Down approach to identify highly-charged categories that are positioned to create broad impact as the world transitions toward an economy increasingly driven by healthy living and the pursuit of a more efficient and sustainable way of life. 


  • Next, we take a Bottom-Up approach to identify niche category leaders and category creators whose innovations are helping to reshape their industry, and whose management teams display the credibility and readiness to develop their business to the next level.  We seek less correlated investments by pursuing diversification across an array of industries, geographies, transaction sizes, development stages, and market capitalizations.

Our transaction professionals are past CEOs and entrepreneurs of successful companies where they created significant value and negotiated quality exits for themselves and their investors. They understand what it takes to build a business from the ground up, because they've been there.  Staying close to our roots as former CEOs and entrepreneurs, we love collaborating with inspired management teams who think and act differently, and who aim to build something truly special.  


  Portfolio Highlights  

We invite you to scroll through one or two case examples of portfolio companies below.   If you are a current Broadline registered investor, click on the "Investor Login" button at the top of the website for management updates and reports from companies in your investment portfolio and to review examples from our current pipeline of prospective investing opportunities.


Category: Healthcare & Life Sciences

Industry: Non-Invasive Medical Technology

Product Focus: Endo-Metabolic Devices

Founded in 2006, EndoSphere is a medical technology company that has developed a first-in-class, non-invasive medical device that endoscopically treats one of the world's largest healthcare issues: Metabolic Diseases including Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Fatty Liver Disease. Endosphere's flagship device, the SatiSphere™ system, is incisionless, reversible and repeatable. In clinical studies, the SatiSphere™ device has enabled Obese patients to achieve significant Excess Weight Loss (EWL) without the need for surgery or medication, providing an alternative to the more invasive treatments in today's market. In contrast to traditional anti-obesity treatments such as "Restrictive" devices,

  • New Device Category: EndoSphere's patented "Endo-Metabolic" devices represent the first of a new category of devices that function as "physiological amplifiers," "hormonal regulators," "satiety managers," and "insulin balancers," meaning they use the body's natural physiological responses to ingested food to accelerate satiety and to recalibrate the brain-gut metabolic feedback loops.

  • Unique Focus on Duodenum: Unlike most weight-loss treatments, EndoSphere's primary focus is treating the Duodenum, the important organ that serves as the body's Metabolic Control Center. The Duodenum plays key roles in multiple functions including digestion, appetite regulation, insulin management, and drug delivery.

EndoSphere's original version of its SatiSphere anti-obesity device received CE Mark regulatory approval in 31 countries, and an improved version of the product has already entered the clinical stage of development. EndoSphere's portfolio of patent assets is 100% company-owned, free from any third-party licensing or royalty obligations. EndoSphere is a recipient of the industry's "Fierce15" award, an annual recognition of the world's top 15 most promising privately-held medical innovations.  For more information, please visit https://www.EndoSphereInc.com.

Category: Sustainability & Environment

Industry: Energy Storage

Product Focus: carbon-free lithium-ion battery cathodes

Founded in 2010, Powermers has developed patented advanced materials that enable the world's first Carbon-Free Lithium-ion Battery Cathodes that demonstrate superior Safety and Performance over batteries using conventional materials.  

  • Superior Safety: By replacing conventional Carbon and Binders (the non-conductive "deadweight" components of a traditional cathode) with Powermers' patented conductive polymers, Powermers' technology reduces the Thermal Runaway Risks -- dramatically increasing the Safety of high-voltage lithium-ion batteries. In the past, thermal Runaway Risk has caused billions of losses in value for companies whose products rely on high-voltage lithium-ion batteries. Safety is well recognized as the top risk factor facing businesses whose products rely on high-voltage lithium-ion batteries because of the inherent risk that thermal runaway can create for over-heating, combustibility, and even explosions.

  • Superior Performance: In addition to dramatically increasing battery Safety, replacing the conventional Cathode's "deadweight" components with Powermers' conductive polymers also expands the resulting battery's Active Material Limit, resulting in Increased Specific Energy. Importantly, unlike most other battery innovations, Powermers' technology enables these Safety and Specific Energy performance improvements without sacrificing other Key Performance Measurements including: Power, Cycle Life, Weight, and Cost per KWH.

  • Easily Incorporated into Manufacturers' Existing Production Processes: Powermers' patented transition metal-based polymers are easily integrated into battery manufacturers' existing facilities, as they do not require any significant change to established manufacturing processes. We believe enabling rapid adoption by the industry will be a critical success factor for Powermers' battery innovations. Its patented polymers are also affordable, as they contain no precious metals, and yet they serve as highly-efficient catalysts. In fact, they demonstrate higher catalytic functionality than the pure noble-metal catalysts including gold, platinum, and palladium. For these reasons, we believe companies like Samsung in the consumer electronics industry and Tesla in the electric vehicle industry will greatly benefit from incorporating Powermers' technology into their future products' batteries -- providing a new level of consumer confidence in the Safety and Performance of their products for future generations. 

Powermers' performance and safety results have been repeatedly validated by two of the industry's recognized independent third-party battery testing labs including the US Army Corps of Engineers' CERL Battery Innovation Labs in Champaign, Illinois, as well as The Ohio State University's Center for Automotive Research Labs in Columbus, Ohio. Powermers owns 100% of its IP asset portfolio, free from any third-party licensing or royalty obligations. For more information, please visit https://www.Powermers.com.


  Our Team  

Our principals are former CEOs and entrepreneurs who have spent their entire careers building trust-based relationships globally, and have led some of the most creative deals in the history of their respective categories. Their combined investment histories, pragmatic operating experiences, and vast network of relationships developed over many years, help ensure that Broadline-sponsored companies have access to the resources and expertise they need to develop to the next level.



At Broadline Capital, we are inspired by champions – people of vision and courage – whose ideas can positively change the world, and who are ready to transform their ideas into the next big, industry-changing companies.  If you share our perspective, we invite you to join us. We look forward to hearing from you.  Inquiries regarding Current Investing Opportunities for Qualified and Accredited Investors should be directed to: Info@BroadlineCapital.com.


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